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1994’s original incarnation FROM CORPSES SPRING FLOWERS share debut EP, recorded 14 years ago!

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Soon after our double-feature on Lancaster, PA emo band BOYFRIENDS, we’re super pleased to unveil another classic emotive post hardcore oldie, this time coming from Pennsylvania mathy 2-piece 1994, which featured Chris Diehm and Mike Kuhn. 1994’s original name was FROM CORPSES SPRING FLOWERS and their first EP was just released earlier this week for the first time, despite having been recorded 14 years ago!

Cheers Evan M. Dyer for the tip!

1994’ve got the off-kilter, hard-hitting screamo influence of a band like Off Minor with the catchiness and noodly guitar work of a Kinsella band. From a “math rock” standpoint, they’ve got some incredible talent. Their drummer is a beast behind the kit, and the guitar shreds through some very fast licks. All the while having the appeal of modern midwestern emo band with a tinge of classic post-hardcore a la Dischord influence. – Sophie’s Floorboard

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