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A fun time with SCUZBOT

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Here’s a perfect set of tunes for the rest of the summer time. This pop punk / alternative rock / punk rock band from Bensalem, PA (Philly area) is continuing their new record crusade by putting it everywhere they can. I am joining the party to spread the word and promote SCUZBOT‘s self-titled album, released in October 2012. Here’s the player you should start immediately and a bunch of information first hand, all packed in a brief introduction interview wit the band. Ready for some explosive melodies and dirty ass rock edge riffs? Check these boys out!

SCUZBOT band pic

Hey! What’s up, guys? How are you? How’s Bensalem? :)

Hey. We’re doing good. Bensalem’s still as smelly as ever.

Haha, cool! :) Practically, you live in Philly, right? Tell me something about Philadelphia’s impact on your local music scene.

Philadelphia has a pretty good scene – a lot of cool bands doing some awesome house shows. We’ve been making a lot of friends who are out there trying to do exactly what we’re trying to do, which is write some bad ass songs and have some fun. 

How often do you visit New York City? Both personally and with the band?

We have been to NY a couple times. Personally we usually stay in Philly, unless New York calls on one of us for a personal favor. Like Snake Plissken or something.

Well, let’s learn more about SCUZBOT, shall we? When did you first have the idea for this project?

We’ve all been friends with each other for over 6 years and we were always in and out of each other’s bands. One day it just happened: We were all hanging out eating Taco Bell and skateboarding when we put down our decks and picked up our guitars and wrote “Perfect.” At that point we knew we had something good going. Thus, SCUZBOT was born.

How did that crazy name originate?

It’s a reference from a Futurama Episode.

SCUZBOT by Nick White

Do you consider yourselves a punk band? How do you go about genres, labels, etc.?

I’d say we’re a punk band. Nowadays there are so many genres and sub genres that it feels kind of ridiculous. I could sit here and tell you we’re a pop-punk-rock-sci-fi-space-invader-power-slop with an edge, but that’s a bit of a mouthful – it’s just easier to say we’re punk rock.

9 months after the premiere of your debut full length, how does it feel to be this one step further?

It definitely feels good, but there are a few more steps to be taken. We’re trying to make it to the moon but we’re still fueling the rocket ship.

Conceptually speaking, how different was writing this album compared to your debut EP?

Well we wrote all the songs from the EP and the full length at the same time. So writing it wasn’t different at all. The songs all came out naturally.


Who are your biggest musical influences?

Every one of us in the band has vastly different tastes in music. So it’s hard to put a finger on a single band that influences us all. Ryan is into bands like BLACK SABBATH, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, and DEVO. Jonny is influenced by a lot of hardcore music. Mitch will write some bass lines heavily inspired by like INTERPOL and Wes Borland. And Tyler gets all inspired by bands like, JETS TO BRAZIL and CAP’N JAZZ. It could go on forever.

Have you played a lot of shows to promote it? Shoot us some stories from the road. What places make you horny? ;)

Yeah, we’ve played all sorts of shows to get the word out on the scuz. We were supposed to play a show for the Philly Naked Bike Ride but Jonny couldn’t make it, So we went without him and just slapped scuzbot stickers on peoples asses as they rode by. Slapping stickers on the hands of drive-by high-fivers. It was a fun night.

Haha, amazing :) Are there any bands today that you’d love to play with? Gimme some names, all IDIOTEQ readers love to learn about new sounds.


SCUZBOT band ive

What are your development plans? When can we expect a new record?

We have a new record’s worth of songs we’ve been writing and working on over the last year. Given the right opportunity, we’d love to record these songs and actually release a full studio record – hopefully with the help of a label.

You guys are still unsigned. How come? :) Have you been approached by some cool labels so far?

We’ve been talking to a few different labels. Right now, we’re just waiting for the right opportunity.

You’re not too Facebook-active, too. Don’t you like sharing your thoughts with your followers?

We try to be active on facebook, but we all have jobs and go to school, so sometimes it’s tough to just sit around and post interesting updates. If there’s something really important, we make sure we let everybody know.

Touring-wise, what places are you going to this year?

We definitely plan on invading all of the east coast states. Eventually making our way out west.

No plans to visit us, poor Europeans? ;)

We’d love to find out what Europe has in store for SCUZBOT, but for now we’re focusing on destroying the states. But who knows, we could end up in Europe next summer.

Alright buddies, is there anything else that you particularly enjoy or look forward to in the coming months?

Grand Theft Auto 5.


Ok, let’s sum it up. What’s the main purpose of this gang?

The main purpose of SCUZBOT is to write a few songs, invade the world, eat some good food and make some friends.

Thanks a lot for your time! Cheers, buds!

Thanks for having us! Scuzlife.

Crazy art photo by Nick White.

SCUZBOT official website
SCUZBOT Facebook
SCUZBOT Soundcloud
SCUZBOT Reverbnation
SCUZBOT Bandcamp
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Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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