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For most of the past five (!) decades, THE ADICTS‘ roster has remained constant with Keith ‘Monkey’ Warren, Mel Ellis, Pete Dee Davison, and Michael ‘Kid Dee’ Davison. Unlike most of long running bands, whose 40th anniversaries are something more of farewells, the Ipswich based Clockwork Orange themed punk rock veteran act is still going strong.

THE ADICTS have recently released their eleventh studio album ‘And So It Was So!’ on via Arising EmpireNuclear Blast and they surely proved to have the same infectious high energy, up-tempo beats and unforgettable performance as their legendary early days in the late 70s and early 80s.

We have teamed up with the band’s guitarist Pete Dee Davison for a brief check-in for IDIOTEQ, and got his thoughts on their longevity, touring, new record, and more!

Ok Pete, so first things first. Running a punk rock band for 42 years is no joke. Most of our readers weren’t even in their parents’ plans back in the 70s and the 80s! How does it feel to still be able to be a part of the show?

It feels like yesterday. A long road but still very fresh and we are still very enthusiastic. And have lots still to give.

You’ve just wrapped up another European run. How were these shows?

We just did a massive support tour with Die Toten Hosen, and it was fabulous playing in front of a crowd who do not know of us. Well they do now and I hope we have won some new fans out of it. I enjoyed it very much besides the fucking cold weather. It was brutal.

How has your approach to gigs changed over the course of your career?

No the approach in this band is give 100% or one should not be here.

What fuels you to keep going for so many years?

What fuels me is that we touch people’s lives and make them happy. How can you say no to that.

How about the lyrical part? What helped you get inspired back in your early days and what serves as good motivation to write?

We write about anything and everything. Life in general. We also have a knack of twisting reality into satire.

What was the initial idea for “And It Was so!” going into the writing process both musically and lyrically?

Positivity, a statement. The writing is a natural thing kid and I just do it.

The record has turned out catchier and even more party-infused than your previous works. Is there a particular explanation for this vibe?

I wouldn’t say it’s a party album at all, but I will agree that its catchy. But that’s what we do. I think it’s a lot more rocky and heavy and that’s good too.

Haha, sure! Are you satisfied with the result and the feedback?

I’m happy with the album and the response we have received. So it’s cool.

How do you look back on ”Songs Of Praise” and your other classic albums from today’s perspective?

I don’t look back.

Ok, but what would you consider a really successful or high point in your career? Also, what has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure so far?

High points are every show – every show could be my last so I enjoy every one of them. Cancer was the most difficult thing to overcome. But I’m here and I’m here for a reason.

Where do you see THE ADICTS in the scene today, and in what way does it distinguish itself from the new generation artists in your opinion?

The band are unique in many ways we don’t follow trends or fashions we are what we are nothing more.

Do you still think punk has this x factor from its early days or has it lost all momentum with the advent of modern digital times?

Music in general has lost its momentum due to the digital age… Punk is alive in its spirit.

What is your personal relationship with the new technologies and online music market?

I disapprove of free music as we need to eat. No one complains about buying a 5 dollar coffee, so buy the music too fuckers!

What music and which artists in particular are you currently listening to these days?

I’m listening to Dr feelgood a lot and ELO.

Ok Pete, so you’ve already detailed some of your plans for the next year, including a number of live shows. How much touring and what else can we expect from THE ADICTS in 2018?

Lots of gigs lots of fun. Lots of Love.

Lastly, if you had to think of an inspiring slogan or piece of advice that would leave a positive impact on our young readers, what would it be?

Be Kind to each other.

Great, thanks so much for your time! Feel free to drop your last words, and take care!



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