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ANTHRAX drummer says “Worship Music” was going to be a double album

In a recent interview with Roxwel, ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante revealed that they were intending to release “Worship Music” (which came out over exactly a year ago) as a double album. You can watch a video of the interview below.

He states:

There was quite a bit of material, but believe me, there was a lot more. I really wanted to make it a double record, but we didn’t go that way. But I had enough material to make it that much. But, you know, we kind of said, ‘Let’s just concentrate on one and then not take so long to do another one.’ So that was fine; that was fine with me. And maybe a double album is too much to absorb right away, you know what I mean?! But I also felt, ‘Well, shit, it’s been a long time since our last record. Maybe we should give them as much as we possibly could.’

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