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ANTILLECTUAL release a split with ANTI-FLAG!

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This summer ANTILLECTUAL will definitely make up for laying low the first part of this year, in both quantity and quality! Shows with JIMMY EAT WORLD and AUTHORITY ZERO, a tour with TEN FOOT POLE all over Europe; and a return to France, Spain and Portugal. The band is also delighted to announce they have a split EP out with ANTI-FLAG, and since they want to offer you some nice souvenirs at all these shows, they have new zip-ups and T-shirts. Check out the full official statement below.

Not only did their label, A-F Records, release our latest album “Perspectives & Objectives”, but we are also doing a split EP with Anti-Flag. Being the only European participant in their “20 Years of Hell” 7 inch series, we are very honored that Anti-Flag, a band we grew up on and that inspired us musically and politically, asked us to participate. This series contains 6 EPs featuring re-recorded versions of their songs and one new song. The band invited 6 bands to appear on the B-sides of the EPs. A-F Records will release the split (limited to 500 copies) but we will have some limited, imported copies available in our webstore as well.

Side A: Anti-Flag – The General Strike & Close My Eyes (new song!)
Side B: Antillectual – Soundtrack & To All Members of Parliament

“When was the last time you ordered something for the first time?”

Inspired by our songs “Soundtrack” and “To All Members of Parliament” we have these 2 new designs. The first available as black zip-up and burgundy T-shirt, the other as a black T-shirt. All this provided by FairTradeMerch to make sure it meets the right standards. Find the new zip-ups and T-shirts (and all our albums, girlies and much more) at our webshop.

We are ready to come out and kick it live again; are you ready for the list? In the upcoming months we have around 50 shows coming up. Awesome supports, touring with Ten Foot Pole (who haven’t toured Europe in 10 years!) and going places we haven’t visited in a while:

AUG 18 NL Venray, The B. w/ Authority Zero, Jamestown, Nubcake
AUG 20 NL Utrecht, Tivoli. w/ Jimmy Eat World

Vuelta a Espana; parte 1, la precuela:

AUG 22 ES Palma de Mallorca, Es Gremi 2. w/ Tigre Jet Jr, The Burnouts, Blenderheads
AUG 23 ES Palma de Mallorca, Tunnel Rock Club. w/ Fast Food Society

Europe tour with Ten Foot Pole:

AUG 26 DE Berlin, Cassiopeia
AUG 27 DE Kiel, Schaubude
AUG 28 DE Hamburg, Head Crash
AUG 29 DE Köln, Underground
AUG 30 BE Tessenderloo, CC Het Loo. w/ Face the Fax, Generation 84, The Octopussys, Coma Commander
AUG 31 FR Paris, Petit Bain. w/ Masked Intruder, Hogwash, The Murderburgers, F.O.D.
SEP 01 BE Arlon, Entrepot
SEP 02 DE Aachen, Musikbunker
SEP 03 DE Stuttgart, Goldmarks. w/ Dropkid
SEP 04 CH Solothurn, Kofmehl
SEP 05 IT Livorno, Pista Ciclistica Ivo Dan Mancini. w/ 7Years
SEP 06 IT Seregno, Honky Tonky. w/ Lineout
SEP 07 SL Ljubljana, Gala Hala
SEP 08 AT Vienna, Arena
SEP 09 DE München, Kranhalle – Feierwerk
SEP 10 DE Saarbrücken, Garage Club
SEP 11 DE Frankfurt, 11er
SEP 12 NL Den Bosch, W2. w/ Dead Giveaway
SEP 13 BE Oostende, Elysee. w/ DRS

Giro d’Italia con Onoda:

SEP 25 IT Bologna, Freakout Club
SEP 26 IT Roma, Alvarado Street
SEP 27 IT San Giacomo degli Schiavoni (CB), Bobby’s Live Bar
SEP 28 IT Ancona, Glue Lab

OCT 11 NL Capelle, Capsloc

Vuelta a Espana, volta para Portugal & retour en France: part 2, the works:

OCT 15 Available!
OCT 16 FR Lyon, Les Capucins. w/ Happening
OCT 17 FR Bordeaux, Heretic Club. w/ The Dead Krazukies, W-Mute
OCT 18 ES San Sebastian, Mogambo
OCT 19 ES Oviedo, La Calleja La Ciega
OCT 20 PT Oporto, Almaemformol
OCT 21 PT Lisbon, Fantasma. w/ Twelve2Go, Rebels in Packages, About Time
OCT 22 ES Madrid, Rock Palace
OCT 23 Available!
OCT 24 Available!
OCT 25 Available!
OCT 26 FR Clermont-Ferrand, Sprint Bar. w/ Les Rasoirs Electriques
OCT 27 Available!

NOV 08 NL Deurne, De Roos. w/ The 101’s
NOV 14 BE Namur, The Belvédère. w/ Struggling for Reason, Silly Snails
NOV 19 DE Münster, Baracke. w/ FA!L, Damniam, Vollkommen Egal
NOV 20 DE Düsseldorf, Tube. w/ FA!L, Aberrats
NOV 21 DE Mönchengladbach, Kultube. w/ FA!L, 1 more
NOV 22 DE Iserlohn, Juz Karnacksweg. w/ FA!L, 1 more
DEC 13 NL Castricum, De Bakkerij. w/ The 101’s

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