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Argentinian indie alt rockers FUNES EL MEMORIOSO release new single “Molestando mi impaciencia”

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Even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish, it isn’t hard to be swept up by FUNES EL MEMORIOSO and their new song, “Molestando mi impaciencia. In less than two minutes, the Buenos Aires band creates a captivating piece of raging indie rock that nails catharsis at the critical moments before settling down and lingering in the listener’s mind, before they go to replay it.

The song shifts moods expertly and unexpectedly. As it opens, the lead singer sounds like he is trying to make someone understand his mental predicament in the most tactful way possible. His voice is mature and full-bodied. However, if you know Spanish or read the translated lyrics, you realize just how much resentment he’s holding back. “My impatience is not bought in bags, nor did I ever lose it,” he sings at one point, along with “Let everyone say that I am stubborn.” The song itself translates to a wonderfully snotty title as well: “Disturbing My Impatience.”

Accordingly, the track moves in sync with the vocalist’s thoughts. What starts off as rather mellow guitar, drums and bass soon become full-force behemoths to help channel his discontentment. The band even finds an opportunity to bring in some “ooh” vocals which add a good deal of redemption to the proceedings. It’s like everything is going wrong, but they still have the strength to summon up that moment of appreciation.

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Even with its short runtime, “Molestando mi impaciencia” packs in a great deal of material. Best of all, it never feels like it’s suffocating itself or the listener with too much in one go. Instead, it keeps things nimble while also keeping them interesting. FUNES EL MEMORIOSO have created something of an indie rock microcosm with this one song, as they sound a hit like ARCADE FIRE, who have just announced a massive European tour. If there’s a complaint that can be levied against it, it’s simply that it ends too soon.

FUNES EL MEMORIOSO’s first single since their self-titled EP in 2015. That EP, along with the single, can be purchased on their Bandcamp. have been active on Facebook recently, but there is no clear indication of when a full-length or another EP is due to arrive. Based on the strength of “Molestando mi impaciencia,” we are already eagerly anticipating new music from FUNES EL MEMORIOSO. For anyone whose impatience has ever been disturbed, FUNES EL MEMORIOSO provide the perfect burst of rock energy to alleviate that pain.

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