Audiosiege teams with Moshpit Tragedy to launch label, releases DEATH MACHINE’s EP

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AudioSiege, the music production company founded by Brad Boatright (Guitarist and vocalist of punk metal stalwarts FROM ASHES RISE), is proud to announce the launch its own music label, AudioSiege Media.

The official statement:

The new label will be an imprint of Moshpit Tragedy Records – the website and record label known for its revolutionary approach to online music distribution and sliding-scale \”pay what you want\” downloads- and will spotlight artists both of lesser-known and established status. Additionally, Boatright- whose engineering work has been featured on several releases over the past few years (OFF!, SARABANTE, NOOTHGRUSH, PIERCED ARROWS, CRIMINAL DAMAGE and many others)- plans to place an emphasis on production and sound quality, with many releases passing through his Portland, Oregon based studio. \”With the speed of modern communication, music has become more accessible\”, says Brad. \”However, the sound quality of many lesser known bands still suffers, not enjoying improvements that have followed the advancements in audio technology and ease of accessibility. One mission of Audiosiege Media is to give artists still in the early-release stage of their careers the production they deserve.\”

With several releases already in the the works, AudioSiege Media plans a \”relentless onslaught\” of punk, hardcore, and metal releases from around the world over the next few months, and as an imprint of Moshpit Tragedy, will follow the approach of the parent label, offering a similar payment structure. While Moshpit Tragedy is currently offering online distribution of several labels (RELAPSE, INIMICAL, FERAL WARD), this will be its first imprint label. Audiosiege Media will be featured as a main component of the Moshpit Tragedy website (, and will be overseen by founder Rayny Forster in Montreal, Canada.

AudioSiege Media\’s first release, a 7 song EP by Portland punk-metal band DEATH MACHINE, features members of Warcry, Ripper, and Bi-Marks, and is expected out in late December. It will be available online from Moshpit Tragedy.

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