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Introducing: punk rock act DEAD STREET DREAMERS

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During the darkest days of the COVID pandemic, the Dead Street Dreamers were born. While the world was on lockdown, one person worked over fifty hours per week, feeling the weight of not being able to perform live or enjoy a normal life.

During this time, Nick Grandchamp began playing music weekly with drummer Dave. Soon after, Brit and Nate joined the group. They released their first demo in June, and now they’re almost ready to release their full-length album this coming June.

The Dead Street Dreamer
The Dead Street Dreamer

“The lyrics to “Countdown To The Reaper” are about feeling stuck in a world that’s sinking into the depths of hell.” – says Nick. “It’s about feeling helpless and unable to fix the giant mess we are all in. When you watch the world die in real time you just begin to countdown to the end.”

The band’s Basement Demos were released in June 2022:

Dead Street Dreamers were first mentioned in our end of the year feature with Nick at this location.

The Dead Street Dreamer
The Dead Street Dreamers

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