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Belgian death crust punks HEAD OF THE BAPTIST share new vicious single “Succumb”

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The name of the band, Head of the Baptist, might lead one to assume that it is a group of satanic black metal enthusiasts with torches, standing on snow-covered mountains, but despite being influenced by the harsh and cold northern sounds (band members were active in Predatoria, Lurking, Sons Of A Wanted Man, Slowly We Rot and Worms Feed), the band has chosen to explore a set of different genres and add their own twist.

Recently, they launched a new track and music video called “Succumb,” which is going to be featured on their upcoming EP “The Pyre Of Equivalence.” Following a silent period of three years, the band has emerged with five songs that form a versatile crescendo of filth, marking a significant and unsilent rebirth of their musical entity. Their music takes the listener on a melancholic journey, featuring riffs from death, black, and doom metal, accompanied by a healthy dose of d-beat, confirming their reverence for crust and grindcore.

“The Pyre of Equivalence” represents the metaphorical act of ripping off the head of the Baptist from his spine and casting it into a blinding light. Through this album, Head of the Baptist reveals their true nature and volatile spirit, while still retaining the essence of their Death Metal roots from the 2017 demo. “The Pyre of Equivalence” contains 5 songs that will definitely leave a mark if you’re into anything dark, heavy and metallic.

Head of the Baptist

Head of the Baptist initially recorded their demo (2017) in a damp and dingy basement, which accurately reflected the raw and unpolished sound of the recording. The demo was released under Death Mould Recordings, and the band subsequently performed a series of shows across Europe, touring twice to spread their unforgiving sound throughout the underground scene.

During the process of writing new material, the band underwent a few line-up changes. After a period of 1.5 years, they finally completed writing an entirely new set of songs, which encapsulated their accumulated wrath, disgust, and rage. They were able to enter the studio and record an EP with the help of Belgian producer and engineer, Frank Rotthier.

Upcoming shows:

25/05/23 – Jugendhaus Ost, Wolfsburg (DE)
26/05/23 – TBC (DE) – Abest (DE)
27/05/23 – TBC (DE) – Abest (DE)*
28/05/23 – TBC (DE)*

The band is: Drums – Kevin Steegmans, Guitar – Bart “Dille” Dils, Vocals / Bass – Yenthe Meeus, Vocals / Guitar – Niels Castermans

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