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Bludgeoning blastbeats and chaotic fury clash in “SUFFOCATE” by KNOCKED LOOSE and POPPY

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KNOCKED LOOSE has just released a daring new video and single titled “SUFFOCATE (FT. POPPY)“, heralding a novel sonic direction that meshes hardcore with an unexpectedly groovy reggaeton twist. This release serves as a preview to their forthcoming album, “YOU WON’T GO BEFORE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO”, scheduled for a May 10 release through PURE NOISE RECORDS.

The single features Grammy-nominated artist Poppy, known for her unique blend of pop and metal. She approached KNOCKED LOOSE’s vocalist Bryan Garris to suggest the collaboration, adding a distinct dimension to the track.

The song delves into themes of betrayal and features a dynamic interplay of vocals between Garris and Poppy. The band’s guitarist, Isaac Hale, noted that Poppy’s involvement pushed the band’s creative boundaries, allowing them to explore new and unconventional musical elements.

KL and Poppy, by Cahil Bhanji
KL and Poppy, by Cahil Bhanji

As Garris puts it, “It was so fun because her voice allowed us to expand our palette and do some weird, off-the-wall things that we maybe wouldn’t do in another song,” guitarist Isaac Hale says of the track. “We felt that because we had Poppy’s voice involved, it allowed us to kind of push the boundaries of what we thought was feasible.”

Knocked Loose
Knocked Loose

The upcoming album is described as a blend of ferocious aggression and innovative soundscapes. It encapsulates a decade of growth for the band, integrating intense blastbeats, complex breakdowns, and a mix of catchy hooks and samples.

Produced by Drew “WZRD BLD” Fulk, the album aims to challenge genre norms while maintaining the band’s core intensity.

Knocked Loose

The title “YOU WON’T GO BEFORE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO” was inspired by a comforting reassurance received by Garris during a flight, which speaks to the underlying theme of confronting and accepting one’s fears and emotions. The album promises to deliver a comprehensive exploration of KNOCKED LOOSE’s artistic evolution, showcasing their readiness to push hardcore into new territories while still honoring their roots in the underground music scene.

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