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Boston pop-punk band REBUILDER release new single “Monuments”, a song for our troubled times to benefit BLM charities

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Boston-based pop-punk band REBUILDER have just shared their newest single, Monuments. Monuments is a driving pop-punk cry to be heard by those who have ignored the painful history of racism and hate through the years, capped off with a thought-provoking piece from a 1972 speech by black activist, Angela Davis.

For those purchasing the song directly through Rebuilder, all proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter charities. This was possible, thanks in part, to local, well-known producer, Jay Maas, who mixed and mastered the song and Christian Moquin, who created the song artwork free of charge.

The band wrote the song following the murder of George Floyd in response to the ongoing protests and destruction of confederate monuments across the country. Believing they had a message that needed to be heard, they applied to 617sessions, and received free studio-time at The Bridge Sound & Stage in Cambridge, MA. It’s a part of a bigger project with several other local bands, who agreed to come together to create a compilation album benefitting musicians affected by the pandemic and Black Lives Matter charities.

Rebuilder, jumped on the scene in 2013 with their debut full-length, “Rock and Roll in America,” and have been touring North America ever since. Over the years they’ve opened for punk favorites, Dropkick Murphys, Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls, NOFX, Bad Religion, and many others. On this recording you’ll hear lead vocalist and guitarist, Sal Medrano, bassist, Daniel Carswell, drummer, and member of ChokeUp, Harley Cox, and on electric organ, owner of Revival House Studios, Patrick Hanlin. Daykamp Music said it best, Rebuilder is, “Loud, fast, pop-punk with attitude.”

Did you see the statues crumble
Yeah they’re kickin out the rebels
They say but it’s part of history
That should make you more ashamed
Of that truth

I want them to hear you
When you scream their names

The city is in distress
The riots and the protest
Just like 1968
92, and 14
It’s failed you

I want them to hear you
When you scream their names
When you scream their names
I want them to hear you
I want them to hear you
I want them to hear you
I want them to hear you

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