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Indie emo rockers HELKO SPILLOVEY share new EP, under the radar bands from North Dakota

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Helko Spillovey, emerging from the oft-overlooked North Dakota music scene, just dropped their EP, ‘I think of you too much,’ on January 26th, 2024. This four-piece band, blending the raw vigor of punk with melodic indie rock hooks, is set to showcase their unique sound that draws on 90s American rock, with a twist of modern emo and punk. The EP, a culmination of fun and sad rock songs, is expected to be a rollercoaster of emotions, resonating with the ups and downs of relationships and youthful culture.

Today we’re catching up with the band to dive into their latest tracks, but that’s not all – we’re also serving up a list of North Dakota’s finest underground talents.

Formed in 2021 by Ben Braunagel (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Dylan Bender (drums), Helko Spillovey is a passion project with a name paying homage to Dylan’s great-grandfather. Joined by Sky Froelich (lead guitar) and Ansen Boehm (bass), their sound brings a nostalgic garage rock vibe.

The band’s dynamic, bolstered by impressive original songs, showcases that they’re far from just another emo rock group.

Helko Spillovey

With two music videos already stirring interest, “Elevator” and “Cheap Trick,” Helko Spillovey’s visual storytelling adds another layer to their narrative. ‘Elevator’ takes you on a psychedelic journey, while ‘Cheap Trick’ delves into the friendship at the heart of the band.

North Dakota

The North Dakota music scene, according to Helko Spillovey, is a treasure trove of talent waiting to be discovered. Despite the geographical challenges, the state boasts a range of upcoming artists like ‘Tomb Psychology,’ ‘Richard Lowen,’ ‘Vanity Plate,’ and ‘Goodmorning Guilty,’ each bringing their unique flavor to the indie scene. Their Spotify playlist features a mix of local favorites and friends from outside ND, offering a window into the rich and diverse music of the area.

As Helko Spilloveyembarks on this new chapter, they’re not just representing themselves but an entire community of artists in North Dakota, from the dreamy pop of Cheron to the punk vibes of Girl Hag.

“North Dakota is full of great music but you probably wouldn’t know if you’re not from here.” – says the band.

Helko Spillovey

“It’s hard getting your name out there when the closest big city to play is 6+ hours away. Plenty of bands aren’t currently active or are on hiatus, such as ‘It came from the sea’ (emotional hardcore) and ‘Spite Nap’ (hardcore), but there are plenty of upcoming artists to keep an eye on.

‘Tomb Psychology’ is a young band that has an EP available called Double Ditch and that has a great 90’s rock sound.

A staple in the ND scene ‘Richard Lowen’ has an album Garbage Trucks (2019) that is an amazing alternative/indie folk album that should have way more listens.

‘Vanity Plate’ is a Power Pop group that recently released an EP Year of the Shark that is a very fun energetic listen.

‘Goodmorning Guilty’ just released their EP Comfort in Closure which is a great emo hardcore EP.

‘Disappear Forever’ is an indie rock group out of Fargo and their 2021 album Moving Slightly has been getting a lot of attention lately which is well deserved.

‘Home Invasion’ is a spooky concept group that released one EP in 2022 that is a great emotional listen.

Helko Spillovey
Helko Spillovey

‘Spite Nap’ has one of my favorite projects released out of ND, The Head Stays Alive for Ten Seconds is a 6 song EP that has some amazing catchy hardcore songs that I would recommend to anybody.

Some artists to keep an eye on in 2024 are Big Hank (Fargo Punk), Cheron (Dreamy Pop), Avantide (Soft Rock), Girl Hag (Punk Rock). Hoping they all can release music this year.”

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