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Brooklyn experimentalist CUP releases new sick record

CUP live
Now that I interviewed Tym earlier this year and even met him in person here in Warsaw, I can blindly endorse his new records without actually checking them out. “U Don’t Like This Cup” marks his 5th record this year and it doesn’t fall short of what was expected. The sound of the CUP hasn’t grown or expanded too much, but still has a primal energy and its psychedelic twist that send listeners into distant orbit. Listen for yourself.

Tym offered the following for the New Noise Mag, who oficially premiered the record on December 2nd:

“‘U Don’t Like This Cup’ came together after a long bout with The Gories, Icky Boyfriends, and the Spaceshits. While it doesn’t come close to anything that any of those three ever made, its an attempt to yell into an empty sky, playing loud, shitty guitars through loud, shitty amps, and it tries to make sense of the incomprehensible act of being born, living, and dreaming. It’s about waking up with crust in your eyes and cooking under a nuclear sun, getting punched in your gut by some motherfucker and cleaning yourself up with some bleach.”

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