BROSIDED offer their new EP for free

Lithuanian hardcore punk band BROSIDED has just released their new EP entitled “Save Your Hearts”.  Go here or simply click the image below to start downloading.

Here’s the official bio:

In early days of 2007, Vytis and Meshka (ex-drummer) started the band. Gedas (ex-bassist) joined the band and first shows were played.

2007-07-25 @ ZooFest Open Air. Alytus, Lithuania
2007-09-03 @ Intro club. Vilnius, Lithuania


In first few months of the year the line-up changed few times. Dima (vocals) joined the band to support Vytis at vocals, Arnoldas changed Gedas on bass.
In 2008 band had intention to record first EP so they spent alot of time in studio. After few months band played a couple of gigs and went to Hodila Records studio in Valmiera, Latvia to record first EP called “Stay hardcore”. The album was presented on 24th October at legendary Iron hook and after few gigs more Meshka left the band.

2008-07-25 @ ZooFest Open Air. Alytus, Lithuania
2008-08-03 @ Multicore Camp. Baltamiskis, Lithuania
2008-08-10 @ XXIO (aka Iron hook). Vilnius, Lithuania
2008-10-24 @ XXIO (aka Iron hook), Album presentation. Vilnius, Lithuania
2008-11-07 @ Muse Club. Vilnius, Lithuania
2008-11-08 @ Ajax Club. Kaunas, Lithuania


2009 was hard year for the band while they struggled to find new drummer. Actually, you can write whole story about this search period. The band kept playing, writing new songs and in the end of 2009 new drummer joined – Sasha.

2009-04-17 @ Kavine “Rusys”. Marijampole, Lithuania.


2010 started with lots of studio work, few gigs and preparations for recordings of the new EP. In the middle of March the band was back at Hodila Records for their second EP, which were presented on 3rd of April. After that band went on a vacation and started to plan their first European tour ever with another Lithuanian band GxFxTx. Tour took place from 1st to 24th of October. Band visited 6 coutries (Poland, Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania), played 22 gigs and made more than 10.000 km!

2010-01-22 @ Pogo bar. Vilnius, Lithuania
2010-01-29 @ Palermo pub. Alytus, Lithuania
2010-01-30 @ Pabrik. Kaunas, Lithuania
2010-02-20 @ Liepkalnis ski resort. “Possible Air” snowboarding competition. Vilnius, Lithuania
2010-04-03 @ Muse Club, Album presentation. Vilnius, Lithuania
2010-09-23 @ Pogo bar. Vilnius, Lithuania
2010-09-24 @ Anti pops bar. Kaunas, Lithuania
2010-09-25 @ Palermo Pub. Alytus, Lithuania
2010-10-01 @ CKISZ. Ciechanow, Poland
2010-10-02 @ Pilon. Torun, Poland
2010-10-03 @ Rozbrat squat. Poznan, Poland
2010-10-04 @ bar Bhyce Oko. Lodz, Poland
2010-10-06 @ Epplehaus. Tubingen, Germany
2010-10-07 @ Raumstation club. Frankfurt am Mein, Germany
2010-10-08 @ E-WERK. Oschatz, Germany
2010-10-09 @ Koepi. Berlin, Germany
2010-10-10 @ hospoda u Herzinu. Krupka, Czech Republic
2010-10-11 @ Biograff’s club. Decin, Czech Republic
2010-10-12 @ Discentrum. Prague, Czech Republic
2010-10-13 @ NZDM Free Klub. Pardubice, Czech Republic
2010-10-14 @ squat Palac Sofia. Zilina, Slovakia
2010-10-15 @ Triangel pub. Namestovo, Slovakia
2010-10-16 @ Casa Dolce. Stary Smokovec, Slovakia
2010-10-17 @ Rocktogon. Budapest, Hungary
2010-10-18 @ Elephant pub. Bucharest, Romania
2010-10-19 @ Atelier D.I.Y. Timisoara, Romania
2010-10-20 @ Irish & Music pub. Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2010-10-22 @ Speed Rock pub. Belchatow, Poland
2010-10-23 @ Camerata pub. Chelm, Poland
2010-10-24 @ klub Przepompownia. Szczytno, Poland
2010-11-19 @ Pogo bar. Vilnius, Lithuania
2010-11-20 @ Garage. Salcininkai, Lithuania


Easy start at the begining of 2011 – few new songs made and preparations for the 4th band birthday started (actually it was a very first birthday band have celebrated).

2011-02-26 @ Tauras hill. “DC Big Air” snowboarding competition. Vilnius, Lithuania
2011-03-25 @ Pogo bar. Brosided 4th birthday party. Vilnius, Lithuania

After last show Brosided took a break to complete their new songs for a new, fresh start!


In 2012 still working on a new EP band was really surprised to be nominated as best Lithuanian punk band for T.E.T.E. – alternative music awards.

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