BRUGADA overcomes inner demons with “Bossfight”

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Where metal’s serrated edges meet the precision of technicality, comes Brugada, not merely as a successor to Astrakhan but as an entity wielding a sharper, more melodious blade. Today marks the debut of their music video for “Bossfight,” a track that ripples with the ferocity of a stormy sea, echoing the very sentiments of a line borrowed from the classic “Jaws”—”Smile you sunuvabich.”

This isn’t your archetypal music video; it depicts a couple engaged in a beachside skirmish, a visual metaphor for the internal tussles penned by Robert Zawistowski and Adam Young. Here, the sand and surf are not a canvas for idyllic romance but a battleground for confrontation, reflecting the tumultuous struggles with addiction—the monster lurking beneath the calm, waiting to drag one into the abyss.

With “To Slow Death and Fast Riffs,” Brugada forges a soundscape that is as intricate as it is unrelenting. The album, featuring contributions from Kevin Keegan of Dead Quiet and Jeff Radomsky of Neck of the Woods, now finds a new vessel through Tone Zone Records, available digitally and, for enthusiasts of tangible artifacts, on cassette.


“Bossfight” is an homage to those pixelated trials of yore, the adrenaline surge in the veins of gamers as they faced the ultimate adversary.

The video captures this grueling yet triumphant journey, a nod to the ecstasy of overcoming the insurmountable.

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