BRUTAL YOUTH reveal details for their new album, stream another song

BRUTAL YOUTH have revealed at least some details in regards to their upcoming album “Stay Hones“, which will arrive on April 2nd and contain 18 songs.

Here’s the track listing:
1. 53°
2. Boul. Saint-Laurent
3. NL Time
4. Hunting Wabbits
5. 1 Lb./Yr.
6. Best Policy
7. Albatross
8. John Hughes Proverbs
9. Orca6050
10. Millennium Falcon
11. XPiss & WineX
12. Trim the Fat
13. For Pete
14. Dwight
15. Embitterment
16. Play Dead
17. Shortcut Pt.2
18. Theory of Relativity

They are also streaming another song from the record called “Albatross”, which can be checked out below.

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