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CANDLEBOX frontman talks about the re-recording of “Far Behind”

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Noisecreep recently interviewed CANDLEBOX frontman Kevin Martin, who explains why they re-recorded their signature song “Far Behind“, which originally appeared on their 1993 multi-platinum self-titled debut and was re-recorded for their latest album “Love Stories & Other Musings”.

Martin clarifies:

We had two directions we wanted to go. Do we want to play it the way we usually play it, or do we want to play the new version? When we weigh and pros and cons of everything… when we did the original version, that was a demo that was done a year before we recorded our record for Maverick. We tried to reproduce the song in the studio for the first album. The label came back and said, ‘We love the attempt but the original version from the demo is much better.’ I think that was always in the back of our minds and it’s probably been there for the past 20 years. That demo was, for some reason, magical. We wondered if we could go back in the studio now, have fun with it, better it.


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