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CASPIAN Lightship95 Series Live Session (2015)

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Soon after their recent insightful interview for IDIOTEQ, Massachusetts post rockers from CASPIAN have performed 2 of their new tracks for Live Series. Produced by Nathan Greenwood, Manolo Remiddio, Ben Phillips and Jack McKennarom, this amazing live offering is a continuation of the ongoing support of the band’s latest album ‘Dust and Disquiet’. commented:

Whilst 2012’s Waking Season showed what Caspian have in their arsenal to progress the post-rock genre, this year’s Dust And Disquiet cements the band as stand-alone leaders of progressive, engaging and thoroughly thought-provoking music.
Not content with resting on their laurels, Caspian’s latest efforts sees the band incorporating vocal textures into a previously wholly instrumental output; without sacrificing what makes Caspian so wonderfully charming in the first place – their varied forays into aggressive post-metal and elevating ambience.
On their recent visit to the UK in support of Dust And Disquiet, Caspian took the time out to perform two tracks for us. The first, presented today, is ‘Ríoseco’. The second track on Dust And Disquiet, ‘Ríoseco’ is perhaps the greatest reflection on 2015 Caspian; taking nods from the likes of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky and combining it with their fascinating take on progressive music to offer a glimpse into the future of everything wonderful about post-rock.
Watch the newly-released ‘Arcs of Command’ via above or both tracks via YouTube below:

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