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Polish punk rock band ADHD SYNDROM have recently released their second album entitled “Nothing Changes”.

Stream the outing below and scroll down for more.

Here’s the official word:

Straight from Podhale in the heart of Polish Tatra Mountains ADHD SYNDROM released their debut album “Grzeczna Młodzież” (Well-mannered youth) in 2009. Despite the fact the boys were very young albums content sounds very mature and convinced their fans. That helped the band to present themselves to the wider audience and join the group of the most active and interesting bands on Polish punk scene.
Another result of releasing the album were numerous concert proposals. ADHD SYNDROM started to play gigs along with the most significant bands and on the stages of important festivals like Slot Art Festival (Wroclaw) Good Night White Pride (Warsaw) Rock na Bagnie (Strekowa Gora) and MEBP FEST organized by themselves in their hometown Maniowy. The Band presents the fiery mixture of melodious street punk, hard core and ska which makes them a vulcano of energy that one can’t resist and you can’t deny it after seeing them live!
2011 brought ADHD and Jimmy Jazz Records joint venture to release the 2nd album. Both the label and the band wanted to get wider audience and give something more to the old, declared fans. As the effect the traditional CD was released with bonus DVD disc and some other treats.
The tracklist of their second album “Nic się nie zmienia” (Nothing changes) appears to be a total breakthrough in ADHD’s work. The band worked up their own style and sharpened the sound without losing its melodious nature. This record doesn’t lack in ska accent but most of the songs are the punk hits that don’t disappoint Rancid or Casualties fans. Intriguing and thoroughgoing lyrics only spice up the record. ADHD SYNDROM got notice of Polish punk scene long time ago but their performance on Rock Na Bagnie festival and their new album proofs that their top shelve of home-grown punk rock and they can feel confident about themselves.
 Their second album was also released as an LP. Limited, numerated release,330 vinyl records in three different colours. LP version is enriched with a booklet with lyrics, big poster from KOLABONIGHT 2011 gig and couple of tracks from the DVD. Another treat for records collectors is the fact that the CD and LP have different covers.

The line-up of the band from the very beginning is:
Franek “Szczupły” Podlipni – vocal, guitar
Konrad “Pepsi” Janik – guitar, vocal
Grzesiek “Bojler” Janczy – bass
Szymon “Grymas” Dziatkowicz – percussion




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