Check out: IRONSIDE’s “Burial” EP

South Florida heavy hardcore band IRONSIDE are streaming their “Burial” EP, released on July 3rd, 2012. The outing is available as a free download! Scroll down to get it!

Mean Pete from REMEMBERING NEVER appears on the track “Meat and Bone”. They also share members with ETHER, a side project of REMEMBERING NEVER.

Here’s the official promo:

Although often overlooked in the histories of underground music, the state of Florida has consistently been home to some of the most forward thinking bands of the past two decades. Forget the tired clichés about sunny weather or about there being something in the water. Local acts have long had an undeniable knack for ingenuity which has proven to be absolutely devastating when coupled with technical prowess. Hardcore legends like Poison the Well, Shai Hulud and Morning Again breathed new life into a genre that was growing perilously stale towards the end of the nineties. Their ability to think outside the regular conventions of the scene drove them to become pioneers of the modern hardcore sound. On the other end of the spectrum one can find Morbid Angel, Obituary, and Cannibal Corpse; bands that essentially created a genre of their own. Fast-forward to 2012, after what seemed like an eternity of hibernation South Florida is at it again. Ironside crawls out of the vilest swamps of the region at a lumbering pace, laying waste to all in its path. A psychopathic force of nature, it resembles more the troubled mind of a schizophrenic than any sort of coherent structure. At times sludgy and doomy before bursting into deranged fits of rage; Ironside makes it impossible to pigeonhole them into a neat little box. Those who delve into their debut offering will quickly have their worst fears confirmed: no one, not even the band members themselves are safe. A scathing attack on all humanity and its gods, BURIAL spells out the doom of every man, beast and deity. Ironside is music for those who dare to look upon their own fate and place in the world with honest eyes. Our insignificance has been laid bare before us. Embrace it or look away. There will be no light.

Formed through a series of chance encounters, Ironside is a death metal inspired hardcore band based out of South Florida; Ironside’s schedule includes an average of 30 dates a year, playing regionally through Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, and surrounding cities and states. Ironside’s music has continually been noted for its lyrical depth- addressing the human condition, thoughts on suicide, and the destruction of faith in a very tangible way.

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