Check out: M. FALLAN debut album

M. FALLAN debut album is available now.

Here’s the official word:

Born in 1982 in the tumult and fury of Paris, M. Fallan aka Matthieu H. (Hateful Monday, Impure Wilhelmina) spent his childhood in a little hamlet at the foot of the mountains. This dichotomy shows up in his musical evolution, whether it be from acoustic to noise, academic (guitar and piano) to self-taught (bass, drums, guitar, and howling madly in punk rock bands).

In 2009 he decided to go on the road with only his guitar to his name, taking up a solitary indie/folk/pop/rock challenge. Shanon Wright, Eliott Smith, Pedro The Lion, Chokebore or Cat Power are some of the artists whose approach he admires. So Matt recorded a 4 title demo at the end of 2009 (“Ecbatane EP”), and released his debut solo album “Contagious” in 2011 on GPS Prod, Roads Sweet Road, Kicking Records & Urgence Disk!

For fans of Chokebore, Thom Yorke, Cat Power, Shannon Wright, Stephen Brodsky…

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