Check out: UNFIXED (feat. MEINHOF members)

UNFIXED are a new project band founded by members of MEINHOF. They are based in London, UK. Nikt Nic Nie Wie Records will release their debut album later this year.

The band commented:

Alright! We have just came back from Poland where we were recording songs for our upcoming debut album… The recording session went well and we are quite satisfied with a first result. Now it is time to wait for mixes to bring a final shape of 13 songs. As soon as there are some ready tracks to present we are gonna upload them at our bandcamp site. Also more deatails about CD / LP release soon!

The band had their debut show at Trashbar in London, UK on June 23, 2012:

The band also played at Rozbrat Squat in Poznan, Poland on June 29, 2012 and ULTRA CHAOS PIKNIK FEST in Żelebsko, Poland on June 30, 2012.

Catch them live later this year:
21 July 2012, @ Grosvenor, w. Headjam, Refuse / All and more…
8 September 2012 – DIRTY WEEKEND FEST, Wrexham (WALES)
30 September 2012 – Birdsnest, Deptford, London (UK)

Here’s the official bio:

As MEINHOF, we have never supported terrorist activities. We are no “lefties”. We would say that our attitude and beliefs sit most closely with libertarian ideals with a “healthy” dose of anarchism… However naming a band MEINHOF suggests some political association, and no matter how many statements we produce (and we did, in fact!) we are still gonna be associated with things that do not wholly represent our true interests. That was ONE OF THE REASONS we chose to start a new side project, UNFIXED. The decision allows us express our ways without any political “overlay” from the very start. We are aware, that to some extent, our music and messge has not changed a great deal from what used to be called MEINHOF (the line-up remains the same, so what could you expect…?), however we still feel an importance to mark and spread our attitudes without unnecessary prompts or symbols… Punk is a form of free expression, and should always stay this way. Not everybody understands that simple code. Not everybody wishes to understand, and it is pure arrogance (or ignorance) to label things or people, without a deeper analysis…
Playing many gigs as MEINHOF, all over the globe, in our relative short existence, we have never been seriously questioned about our political beliefs, which in some people’s view might be strictly defined by our band name. Not in Germany, especially. We guess that those statements which we have made over the years have made things clear where we stood. We also can imagine that giving the name like MEINHOF to a band based in Germany would imply way more serious consequences than being a band based in the UK or in any other place on Earth, and that’s another reason why UNFIXED gives us more oportunities to describe our real connections, rather than being eternally confused as a German band. It wasn’t annoying at all. It just wasn’t true. We reckon that knowledge about our real heritages and beginnings would give a better view on the band’s condition. It is Spanish and Polish, and the place we currently live has almost nothing to do with our present attitudes, as they were already formed in other places and times, a long time ago.
UNFIXED is an expression of our fasicnation with some other punk genres, like UK82 or classic punk rock of 80’s…

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