ELAPSE loses a member

Örebro, Sweden’s ELAPSE have parted ways with their guitarist Robin Eriksson.

The band commented:

We have sad news, and those are that Robin has decided to leave the band. It’s been great having him with us!
We will continue playing and are going to book some shows soon!

Merch in form of T-shirts and the new EP “Storm” is still available for order and at our shows!
 Also, have a look and support HardBoiled Webzine. We’ll be featured there soon in an interview!

Hard Boiled webzine:

The energy and dedication that burst out of every song at Storm, the recent EP by Sweden-owned Elapse, makes you think why this band is so criminally underrated. It’s a shame cause they got enough skills and ideas to make their hardcore both sharp and meaningful. The strong DIY ethic within the band makes them release all their stuff all by themselves and usually straight for free download.. That was the case with their previous album, The Mockracy, and that is also true for Storm. I got nothing but respect for the bands that handle their business and I would be glad if any of the kids reading this who have not heard Elapse, would go and check this band.

Go here to read the full interview.

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