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Chicago punk rockers BAD PLANNING announce new LP ‘Et Fortes’ via Jump Start Records

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Chicago’s BAD PLANNING have announced plans to release a new album ‘Et Fortes’ in Spring 2022 via Jump Start Records.

The band says, “This record represents a lot of growth for our band; past sound blending with new sound, and longtime bandmates with new ones. Writing this record gave us a sense of purpose during lockdown, and we can’t wait to share it. You’ll hear a wide range of influences and a sound the blurs the line between pop punk and melodic hardcore. These are songs about our lives in 2021.”

With a sound that encompasses equal amounts hardcore, emo, skate punk, and pop-punk, Bad Planning is a band that truly does things their own way.

The newest recruits of Jump Start Records have been writing together since they were freshmen in high school. Now all these years later, the band is still booking their own shows, playing gigs with some of their favorite bands, and making a name for themselves in the midwest.

The band writes with a sound that runs in the same vein as their fellow Chicago-based influences such as Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, and The Lawrence Arms. In 2019 they released “Splitting Hairs” alongside Chicago band A Semester Abroad, bringing on a heavier side with singles “Be Brave” and “Actors”. The band continued to promote the split and play shows while writing their first full release, “Et Fortes”.

Stream “Be Brave” off Bad Planning’s split with A Semester Abroad here:
The four-piece, consisting of Alex Crook, Jack Coombs, Aaron Hornback, and Miles Schuett, teamed up with Jump Start Records in May 2021 sharing a strong DIY ethos and love for punk rock. The band looks to continue playing shows in and outside of their local scene, developing their sound for future releases.
Upcoming Shows:

Fri, Oct 16 Halfway House- Aurora IL
SAT, OCT 23 Tolerance Release Show (w/ Arcadia Grey, Superkick and more)- Chicago, IL – Life Looks Good – Pilsen DIY
Sun, Oct 31 – Ffaammoween 2021- (House Show) 1919 North Monticello Ave in Logan Square, Chicago**

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