Demonic Death Judge by Saku Yrjöl
Demonic Death Judge by Saku Yrjöl
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DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE share Finnish music tips and best live acts experiences; Suicide Records Fest coming up!

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Fresh off the first installment of our Suicide Records Fest series, we’re back with part two, led by our guests from Finnish stoner, sludge and psychedelic tinged rock metal band DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE. The band returned with their fourth full length album THE TRAIL in March 2020 to took the listeners on a spiritual whirlwind within a troubled soul. Showcasing a fully matured orchestra not afraid of evolving, THE TRAIL, pper the band, “began as a mindset – a Nevada desert scenery turned into soaring melodies tasting like light beer, whiskey shots, and sand. “.

“The concept eventually developed into a story of a person stuck in a loop of self-destructive behaviour and finding deliverance through an unexpected spiritual journey.”, said the band’s own Toni.

DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE is a no-bullshit, sludge/stoner four-piece filth machine from Finland. Brutal low frequencies drenched in groove and psychedelics guarantee beer-soaked fun for the whole family.

Suicide Records Fest

The 15th Anniversary Suicide Records Festival will take place at Gothernburg’s Brew House on October 15th/16th, with a great line-up of various metal and hardcore bands: Electric HydraBesvärjelsenDemonic Death JudgeOrochen, V, NovaruptaFredagen Den 13:eDomkraft, and Grand Cadaver.

Top new records from Scandinavia, by DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE:

VIIMEISET – Pareidolia

Viimeiset is a synth/guitar duo who we saw playing their debut show at Tallinn Music Week a week ago at Blow Up Festival Stage, where we were also playing.

I gave them a listen when the festival lineup was published, but on stage, when the core duo was accompanied by a live drummer and a bass player, that’s when it really hit home. Deep droning synths, atmospheric guitar parts, some krautrock elements, noise and screamed vocals.

Ok, this EP already came out almost a year ago but I’ll eat a hatful of shit if anyone had heard of them back then…


I’ve heard rumours that The Undeniably Best Band of Finland are recording a new album, which I hope is released rather sooner than later. Their earlier albums are great, their latest EP’s are superb, so if they’re continuing down the same path, the new one’s probably at least halfway decent…

They started out as a sludge/noise rock band and with their two latest EP’s, Fortuna and Kevät, they’ve moved in the lead of The New Wave Of Finnish Suomi Rock -movement (also being the only proponent of the said movement).


Top live acts experienced live in person, by DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE:

EYEHATEGOD at Club YK, Helsinki, 2011

It was the first time Eyehategod played in Finland. It was in the middle of summer, hot as a sauna and even before the show had started, the venue was packed and moisture was already dripping from the walls and clouded the windows. The venue itself was a peculiar choice, as it was more like a chill nightclub than a typical live music joint. Well, the PA was designed for beefy bass and it proved to deliver…

When the gig started, it felt like the whole audience was thrown ten meters back as a mosh pit the size of the whole floor tore open. The fun lasted for the whole show, it was intense as hell, sweaty as hell, fun as hell and everyone inside smelled of rotten armpits afterwards.

TORCHE at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, 2015

The mass shooting that took place at Eagles Of Death Metal show in Bataclan, Paris shook the whole live music industry in 2015. I was saddened by the news as well, and two days later really wasn’t feeling like walking to a gig in depressing November weather on a sunday night. I’m glad I did though, as the evening turned out to be a cathartic , ecstatic experience. The band was in an insane shape, sounded great, were loud as fuck, they played all their best songs and I probably shed a few tears that night.

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