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CODEINE interviewed by Self-Titled magazine

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Here’s a nice interview with the reunited CODEINE, conducted by Self-titled Magazine.


What are your thoughts about the current phenomenon of band reformations and reunion tours? And what does the renewed interest in Codeine mean to you personally? Does it bother you that the majority of forward-thinking bands will only get the respect they deserve long after they’ve broken up?

I have no idea why band reunions are or seem so prevalent now—not just in indie rock, but also in metal. There’s always been band reunions, and you can’t blame musicians; they’re trained to do things for money, if not for need as well.

I never felt like Codeine didn’t get our due. We’d played one show before Glitterhouse gave us money to do Frigid Stars, Sub Pop signed up to put out Frigid Stars in the US before we’d played even 10 shows. And we did well enough that it covered our living expenses for the last one and a half years of being a band, and we really didn’t tour very much.

Go here to read the full interview.


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