COFFINWORM announce vinyl release of “Great Bringer of Night”

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The Flenser are pleased to announce this latest addition to the fold, Indianapolis blackened sludge barbarians COFFINWORM. The San Francisco-based label will be partnering with the band for the first-ever vinyl release of their now-classic ‘Great Bringer of Night’ demo from 2009.

COFFINWORM play ugly music for hateful people. The doomhauling quintet first came crawling out of the primordial ooze of Indianapolis’ D.I.Y. underground in 2007, and have kept themselves busy doing the devil’s work ever since. Their virgin offering, 2009’s self-released three-track demo, demanded attention, and got it, as the press and fans of the heavy started to discover ‘Great Bringer of Night.’ COFFINWORM had given volcanic birth to a wretched, heaving slab of noxious, blackened death sludge of the lowest order, one that eventually led to their signing with Profound Lore and invitations to perform a number of high-profile live actions across the country. Hellish, depraved, and heavy as a neutron hammer, COFFINWORM had truly created a monster.

It all began here, though, and The Flenser have committed to dragging this filthy gem out into the sunlight to give it the treatment it so richly deserves, and adding the original versions of two extra songs that had found their way onto the band’s Profound Lore debut. Sludge, tortured doom, snarling black metal, knuckle-dragging death metal and a few handfuls of crusted-over punk meld together into one of the nastiest, most misanthropic, most wonderfully ugly albums you’ll ever hear, ripe for fans of BURNING WITCH, EYEHATEGOD, NOOTHGRUSH, DARKTHRONE, and CORRUPTED.

Now, you’ll finally be able to experience it on coal black vinyl – heavy as black tar. , addictive as black tar heroin. This deluxe version will include two unreleased tracks from the demo recording sessions in all their raw glory, and comes graced with the gorgeous artwork of Bryan Proteau (DEAFHEAVEN, PALLBEARER, ATRIARCH, LYCUS, OBOLUS) and a finely-tuned mastering job from James Plotkin (KHANATE, ISIS, PELICAN, KVIST).

Track listing:
1. High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains
2. Strip Nude For Your Killer
3. The Inner Caligula
4. Start Saving For Your Funeral
5. Spitting In Infinity’s Asshole

Here are the songs from the demo:


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