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Hardcore meets Oi! on the new split by COUPE GORGE and THE HAMMER

Göteborg based hardcore mob THE HAMMER have joinedtheir ranks  with French oi! hardcore punks COUPE GORGE to give you their new split record, slated for a on cassette release through STRAIGHT & ALERT records, and later on 7″ vinyl through Contra Records. Listen below!

Straight & Alert records commented:

COUPE GORGE is part of the new wave of french bands bringing hardcore/punk/oi music sang in french back, along with Syndrome 81, Rixe and alike. CG goes with some raw Negative Approach influenced tracks ‘en Français’ like the band’s anthem “Coupe Gorge”, “Guerre Civile” and “La Nuit” in the mix with thumping French Oi!/streetpunk jams like “Haine” and “Violence”.

THE HAMMER is a 4 piece hardcore band from Gotenbörg, Sweden. Their first 7″ No Escape blew me away the very first time I listened to it, so I put out their new 6 track 7″. Now they are back with 3 new tracks from the “Vermin 7″ sessions”. If you are into The Flex, Right Brigade, Think I Care or 86 Mentality you HAVE TO check them out.


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