CURSE THIS OCEAN finish recording their new album [UPDATE]

Italy’s CURSE THIS OCEAN have finished recording their debut full length  in Rome at Hell Smell Studio.

Strikedown records commented:

We’ve listened the pre-productions of all tracks that compose the album, and we can say you that you should expect the worst from this album, more heavy and aggressive than the past Ep that they’ve promoted with 2 european tours and lots of single shows.. During July/August this new album will be mixed and mastered and in September/October will be released by StrikeDown in a limited 12” Vinyl !!! The band is also working in the booking of their next european tour planned for November, so if you’re interested in help them, write to mattia@ghostownbooking.

The band commented somewhere between the recording process:

Here we are.
After an all night long trip, we reached the Hellsmell Studio in Rome yesterday evening.
The first recording session its just finished and we’ve almost done with both of the guitars.
I love it when a plan comes together!

[UPDATE, July 4, 2012] The band finished recording sessions for their new album. The album will be mixed and mastered throughout July and August, and released around September/October via Strikedown Records on limited edition 12” Vinyl.

PUBLISHED on June 26, 2012.
UPDATED on July 4, 2012 – recording session finished.

UPDATED on July 24, 2012 – teaser added.

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