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D-beat hardcore punks THE SEEKER premiere new record ‘Malaya’

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4 years since our introductory interview, 2 years after a follow-up chat, and 1,5 year since the IDIOTEQ-presented ‘Angst-Filled Youth’ record premiere, Vicious powerviolence tinged, inconceivably intense d-beat hardcore pack THE SEEKER is back with a new album. ‘Malaya’ is the best record we could expect from an uncompromising outfit already into its 5th year of existence, and a superb blend of energy and muscle they employ. This should win THE SEEKER a host of new fans. Listen below and see why.

‘Malaya’ is available on Delusion Of Terror (Philippines), Professional Punkers Records (Italy), Lapaguis Records (Italy), Hidden Hands Records (Italy), Disadattack Zine (Italy), Saitan Diy Records (Austria), Punti Scena Records (Italy), Hardcore For Losers (Austria), El Bastardo Records (Hungary), Dead Punx Records (Belgium), Rumori In Cantina (Italy), and Zas Autoproduzioni (Italy).

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