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D.O.A. announce new album and launch a crowdfunding campaign

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D.O.A. is starting work on a new studio album. The band started in 1978 and is known as Canada’s punk pioneers. Canada’s godfather of punk: Joe Shithead Keithley originated the term ‘hardcore” back in 1980 and the band pushed the term into the common vernacular with their landmark album Hardcore 81. Now the band needs funding to help pay for their new 12 song studio album “Hard Rain Falling”. Joe with the help of his notorious rhythm section, Paddy Duddy (drums) and Mike Hodsall (bass) will record an album that harks back to the basics of early punk. It will contain fast, short, frantic songs that dive deep into urgent issues of out time: racism, war, gangs, oil pipelines and environmental degradation.

D.O.A. is asking our fans to help out so we can deliver a great album. Our fans have a lot of faith in what the band stands for: justice, freedom of expression and over the top punk rock. We believe they will come through and help us with the funding and speed up the release. We don’t see a lot of unique challenges in this project, but if the funding falls short, then that will delay the release of the album until we can come up with alternative funding. Thanks to all of you who believe in us!

The band’s very own Joe Shithead Keithley commented:

“When I started writing songs for Hard Rain Falling I listened to our early stuff like Hardcore 81 and the Disco Sucks EP and I tried to take same direct to the point, wild and political approach. So it’s back to D.O.A.’s roots the way we are approaching this album.”

Tour Dates:

May 5th – Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor, Reno , NV – TBC
May 6th – The Parkside, San Francisco, CA
May 7th – Los Globos, Los Angeles, CA ( this is in Silver Lake, just east of Hollywood)
May 8th – Soda Bar, San Diego, CA
May 9th – The Dive Bar, Las Vegas, NV
May 10th – The Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM
May 11th – Moon Room, Denver, CO
May 12th – Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
May 13th – Neurolux, Boise, ID
May 14th – Big Dipper, Spokane, WA
May 15th – Highline, Seattle, WA
May 16th – Emerald of Siam, Richland, WA

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