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Brazilian vegan straight edge hardcore crew POINT OF NO RETURN share new song, new album coming up!

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Point Of No Return, the iconic vegan straight edge hardcore band from São Paulo, are teasing their long-awaited album, “The Language of Refusal.” This album marks their return after an 18-year hiatus and promises to reignite the hardcore scene with its raw and honest energy reminiscent of the ’90s.

Founded in 1996, Point Of No Return quickly made a name for themselves in the hardcore punk scene with their politically charged lyrics and intense performances.

The band, known for their three-singer lineup, tackles significant issues such as deforestation, labor exploitation, global warming, and the rise of conservative populism. Despite their hiatus in 2006, the band’s influence and message remained strong, leading to this highly anticipated return.

“The Language of Refusal” is a powerful statement on contemporary issues delivered through a blend of late-90s mosh core, Slayer-like riffs, gang vocals, and grinding elements of Napalm Death.

The band just dropped the first song off of the album, called “Gulie“, bringing back the essence of ’90s hardcore.

Here’s what they have to say about this new release: “Today is a very special day as we announce the release of a new album, our first one since 2002! By the time the band broke up in 2006, we had nine songs ready, but still no vocals. We always had this idea to record these songs, but it took forever to make it happen. After the band ended, each of us went on our own course: the staff had a child, moved countries, made a new band, opened a store, wrote a book, went to college and graduate school, etc. After many years we finally got time to finish the band’s 3rd album project. Posthumous disco but not so much, since the band is going to perform. The album, “The Language of Refusal,” brings these nine unreleased songs, with lyrics written between 2023 and 2024 that speak of current and relevant charts, and songs recorded between 2017 and 2024 with the current lineup.”

Point of no Return

The album is available va Refuse Records and Indecision Records.

“The album will be available in late July on vinyl and digital platforms via Indecision Records in the US and Refuse Records in Poland. It will also be released on CD in Brazil, by us, and it will be for sale at Verdurada on the 28th. In the second semester, the album will be released on vinyl in Brazil by All Music Matters, and on cassette by Big Mess Records in Argentina.” – explains the band.

Here’s the full track listing:

1. A Fronteira
2. Guile
3. Informal Arcaico
4. A Song Of Incubating Despotism
5. Potency
6. Corroded Cartopia
7. De Segunda Classe Para O Abismo
8. Arbitraria Discriminacao
9. The Folly Of Righteousness

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