Davey Havok raising money for “The Violent” movie

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The AFI mainman has launched an Indiegogo project to fund a punk-inspired movie titled “The Violent”. Watch the video and go here to support this project.


Set in the mid 90s amongst a tight-knit group of punks and skins, “The Violent” follows a teenager in his final year of high school as he is drawn down a path of crime, and must ultimately reconcile his own violent nature, or be consumed by it. 

“The Violent” is an independent film, financed by private investors, and the awesome public at large who want to see this movie get made. That’s you!

This campaign’s initial goal of $20,000 allows us to begin certain highly important aspects of preproduction immediately. This covers a wide range of things from legal and business expenses, to the casting process, all the way up to beginning production on some of the crazy props and wardrobe that will be onscreen in the film.

Our “Stretch Goal” of $500,000, combined with money from independent investors, ensures that this film gets made! 

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