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ÖS – The History of Linköping Hardcore and 10 Essential Swedish Hardcore Bands to Discover

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In a passionate tribute to the hardcore punk scene of Linköping, Sweden, a new documentary titled “ÖS – The History of Linköping Hardcore” is set to premiere, offering a visceral glimpse into the fierce and fervent world of hardcore music that blossomed in this unassuming Swedish town.

Directed by Anders Carlborg, a figure deeply embedded in the scene not only as a filmmaker but also as the guitarist and singer of the Swedish punk band Knifven, the documentary captures the raw spirit and the gritty beginnings of the Linköping hardcore scene from the 1980s through its zenith in the 1990s.

The film’s unveiling is scheduled for May 25th, and it’s not just any premiere—the event promises to be a full-blown celebration of hardcore culture, complete with a live showcase of bands that have been pivotal to the scene.

The venue, Skylten in Linköping, will host performances by notable bands including Alarm, Knifven, First in Line, and TV Eye, ensuring an evening of intense music and community spirit.

Linköping Hardcore

The anticipation for this film has been building for a while, sparked further by the recent release of the film’s trailer, which is available with English subtitles (watch above). The trailer provides a taste of the high-energy interviews and concert footage that will undoubtedly make “ÖS – The History of Linköping Hardcore” a significant historical document for fans and scholars of punk culture alike.

Moreover, in line with celebrating this vibrant scene, here is a curated list of top hardcore bands from Linköping and surrounding areas that are making waves and deserve your attention.

Delve further below to discover more details behind the “ÖS – The History of Linköping Hardcore” project.

Linköping Hardcore

Raped Teeangers

Amazing band that were a big part of starting the hardcore scene in Linköping during the early 80’s. This is their second LP ”I Kräftans klor” (1988)


Antoher fantastic band with members from bands like Raped Teenagers, Rövsvett and Pre-historic.
This is their last release ”Me to be” from 1992.

Kurt i kuvös

Hardcore legends from the small town Skänninge not far från Linköping. The drummer Staffan Fagerberg plays with the Stockholm based band Vidro today.


Hardcore kings from Linköping that started 1988 and reformed in 1994 and became First in line.


One of Linköpings biggest hardcore bands during the 90’s. The singer Johan founded the record label Bridge Records along with his brother Henrik (Outlast). The guitarist Benjamin Vallé sadly past away 2021 and was one of the founding members of the band Viagra Boys.


Linköping’s old school hardcore kings during the 90’s. The members have played in several bands after Outlast and still plays today in bands like Alarm and Nowheres.

Section 8

Great old school band from the same town as Kurt i kuvös, Skänninge.

First in line

Uncrowned kings of the Linköping hardcore scene. This year they celebrate 30 years of playing together and the just released a new record.


One of the newer hardcore bands from Linköping with members from previously active bands from Linköping.

Isotope Soap

Not from Linköping but the drummer from Raped Teenagers, Peter Swedenhammar is the driving force behind this electric and eclectic hardcore/punk band.

The story of “ÖS – The History of Linköping Hardcore”…

… begins not just with a scene, but with a personal journey through music and memories. At 46 years old, Anders Carlborg has spent nearly two decades as a freelance editor in TV and film in Stockholm, Sweden. His career outside the mainstream includes several documentaries, music videos, and short films. Yet, it’s his roots in the hardcore scene of Linköping during the 1990s that have deeply influenced his creative path.

From 1994 to 2004, he was the bass player for Backside, one of the bands that thrived in Linköping’s vibrant hardcore music scene. Even today, music remains a significant part of his life; he currently plays guitar and sing in the punk rock trio, Knifven.

Reflecting on those days, he remembers how hardcore was more than just music; it was a movement that captured the essence of our youth during the ’90s in Sweden.

Linköping, alongside cities like Umeå and Vänersborg, became a major hub for this culture, which had already started to take shape in the early ’80s with the emergence of the first hardcore bands in the area.

Linköping Hardcore

The documentary idea took root in 2002 when Anders’ friend Errol Tanriverdi, the singer in First in Line, and he began to toy with the idea of a film that would capture their experiences and those of their community.

However, life took a turn when he moved to Stockholm for his editing career, causing the project to be shelved temporarily. The idea persisted over the years, and in 2020, the release of Kristofer Pasanen’s book “LKPG Hardcore – Where we belong” reignited his passion. The nostalgia and excitement the book stirred were palpable, and it became clear that their stories needed to be told.

With Errol’s blessing to take over their old project, Anders launched the “Linköping Hardcore Doc” Facebook group in March 2021 to start gathering momentum. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of followers eager to contribute material. He spent the next year amassing content and drafting a script, feeling a strong connection to their shared history growing stronger.

By spring 2022, the foundation was set, but funding was necessary to bring their vision to life. A successful crowdfunding campaign and support from a local film fund in April 2022 provided the means to start filming, which the crew did through to March 2024.

Working alongside photographers Kristian Jeremic-Laache and Claudio Marino, and with Tom van Heesch handling the sound mix, they captured the raw energy and spirit of Linköping’s hardcore scene.

The title “ÖS” is a nod to the past, a Swedish term used by the bands in the ’80s to describe their fast-paced music before “hardcore” became the common label.

The documentary not only chronicles the history but also celebrates the resurgence of hardcore music in Sweden, with burgeoning scenes in cities like Göteborg, Stockholm, Malmö, and a revitalized Linköping, sparked by the new “Dunderfest” festival.

Linköping Hardcore

As we approach the premiere on May 25th in Linköping, plans are underway to screen the documentary in cinemas and film festivals both in Sweden and internationally.

Although streaming details are still being finalized, the hope is that “ÖS – The History of Linköping Hardcore” will inspire a new generation of musicians and fans, bridging the gap between the nostalgic past and a promising future of hardcore music in Sweden.

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