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DAYBREAKER interviewed by Modern Vinyl

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Here’s a cool interview that Dan from DAYBRAKER did with Modern Vinyl.

You guys have had all of your released material pressed onto vinyl. Was that something you guys had planned from the start or was it up to Pure Noise?

It was sort of mutual. When we first started talking to Pure Noise about possibly signing there to release our EP (The Northbound Trains), one of the first questions Jake (owner/operator of PN) asked us was what formats we were thinking. We had just gotten some amazing art back from our friend, Daniel Bressette for the EP, so I was pretty insistent about a vinyl release, and Jake was on board from the get-go. One thing I know Jake prides himself on is the fact that he doesn’t skimp on vinyl. He gets quality sleeves and he cares about the vinyl itself. He wants all of his releases to be something he’s proud of, and if that means he turns a little less of a profit, then so be it. I just saw The Story So Far’s repress of their LP and it looks incredible.

Go here to read the full interview.

DAYBREAKER – “Now or Never” video:

– “Now or Never” video:


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