WE HAD A DEAL touring Europe

A couple of months after the premiere of their latest record “Counting Leaves”, a follow up to their split 7-inch with American screamo band COMA REGALIA, German screamo act WE HAD A DEAL announce a couple of shows in Croatia, Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic. See the details below and drop them a line via to book a show.

WE HAD A DEAL poster

5.9.15 Wien@EKH +unable to fully embrace this happiness
6.9.15 Zagreb@AKC Attack! + tba.
8.9.15 Graz@Sub + eaglehaslanded + unable to fully embrace this happiness
9.9.15 need help!!!! please write to
11.9.15 Bratislava@tba. + tba.
12.9.15 Hradec Králové@Hudební klub #4 + VIA

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