Angry, furious and fast! Here’s the newest Connecticut hardcore pack ready to take over their area. Contact via Read a review below and

The deeper we get into 2014, the more I want to avoid records that have come out in previous years. But with that being said, I will always take any requests from local bands that I can get my hands on, as I like to get some attention to lesser known bands that really deserve more recognition. This will be one of those reviews, this one about a local Connecticut band named Deep Trouble.

When the request for a review on Demo ’13 came through and I found out the group was from Connecticut, I knew right away that this was something that I wanted to do. And then I took a listen to the demo, and I was even more contented to have taken the request.

One thing I am really big on is production. I don’t need every record I listen to sound perfect and beautiful, as a matter of fact, for some bands, if the production is done too well, then the sound of the album is overdone and sounds over produced. This was not the case for Deep Trouble’s Demo ’13. While the sound of this record is not the most clear or beautiful thing you will ever hear, it works really well for the sound that Deep Trouble has created and honestly makes the record that much better.

As far as the actual sonic sound of the music, fast and aggressive are the two words that come to mind. All six songs on the album are unrelenting and it makes for an interesting listen. The biggest problem is keeping the record interesting.

I find that in the style of hardcore that Deep Trouble plays, some bands have a hard time distinguishing one song from to the next. Unfortunately, Deep Trouble falls victim to this issue. Does it take away from the record? Absolutely not. While it might make it so you’ll need to listen to something else in between plays, you will come back to Demo ’13 a number of times, just as I have done.

Having variety between songs isn’t all that important as long as the sound you stick to is powerful. Deep Trouble achieves that, and because their sound is as powerful as it is, the group leaves a lasting impression. I know that I am excited for a new release. /


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