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“Deeply Flawed” by MOLLY DRAG

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In a musical environment dominated by easy melodies and angry, pissed off punks, this new record from Canadian artist Michael Hansford (MOLLY DRAG) is a kind of revelation. This is a very atmospheric piece, but also an album that weighs heavily on the listener, leaving you melanchonic, nostalgic and washed out.

“Deeply Flawed” is released through Hellur Records. MOLLY DRAG is already working on his new songs.

I hope you find this album brings some emotions to your heart and mind as I excavated parts of my childhood creating it and memories of old friends, lovers and lost family members. The recording process began after finding some old journal scraps and photography from an old friend I had that were buried away with other items from the last five years. It involved stories and different perspectives of past happenings, and the juxtaposition of who and what were involved. / MOLLY DRAG

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