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Deranged noise punks POLSOJA unveil psychotic new album “Bardzo Cię Lubię”

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Hailing from Poznań, Poland and comprised of seasoned members from the punk underground scene, such as Złota Jesień, Promyki, Renmin Ribao, Korus, and Lounge Ryszards, experimental lo-fi noise punk rockers POLSOJA draw inspiration from various noise subgenres, noise rock, avant-punk, and no wave. They take influence from renowned bands like Cows, Cherubs, and Tropical Trash, with the goal of spreading their jittery, high-energy sound wherever possible. Their debut LP, “Bardzo cię lubię,” was released on April 13th, 2023, through Plusz Tapes from Kraków and it’s a wild ride from start to finish!

Polsoja’s sound can be described as an amalgamation of raw, unpolished noise, punk grittiness, and avant-garde experimentation. They aim to create an atmosphere of urgent intensity, showcasing their distinct musical personalities and eclectic influences.

In essence, Polsoja comes as a fresh breeze that proves that pushing the boundaries in alternative music while staying true to their punk ethos and rebellious spirit is still possible.

Polsoja’s music represents a low-budget, DIY ethos, evoking images of veganism, psychedelic mushroom trips, and unheated rooms in the dead of winter. It’s a sound that compels you to scream, vomit, and push yourself to the limit. Their four-string guitar with an amp cranked to the max, bossanova rhythms in a speeding car, and the feeling of being laughed at by the people in your local grocery store because you look different are all part of the Polsoja experience.

“BARDZO CIĘ LUBIĘ” is an invitation to embrace your primal instincts and channel them into creative expression. It’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering a sonic assault on the senses, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who dares to give it a listen.

Catch the band live at a handful of shows with Berlin based BRAK:

25.04 Leipzig, DE/Ostxx
26.04 Praha, CZ/Strahov007
27.04 Wrocław, PL/Uczulenie
28.04 Kraków, PL/RE
29.04 Warszawa, PL/Chmury,
30.04 Szczecin, PL/Krzywy Gryf
01.05 Berlin, DE/Authoban

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