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DIRECT HIT! sign with Fat Wreck Chords!

DIRECT HIT! sign with Fat Wreck Chords!
Formed in 2007, from their very first EP up through their latest LP, Brainless God, released in 2013, DIRECT HIT! have been banging out hits more consistently than Hank Aaron. The band have some shows coming up with NOFX and MEAN JEANS and you can check out their new website to familiarize yourself with their tunes. Expect them to have a new full-length out by Summer too. It’s safe to say that 2016 just got a whole hell of a lot better.

Here’s what vocalist/guitarist Nick Woods had to say about the signing:

“Fat Wreck defined my opinion of what ‘punk’ meant when I was an insecure teenager in the Midwest. So I guess in a lot of ways, as someone who still cares about music 15 years later, the label’s helped define my outlook on life in general. It’s incredible for me to be able to say our band is a small piece of that foundation now.”

New album teaser:

Tour Dates:


Previous records:

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