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STRAIN vocalist Jody Taylor passes away [UPDATE]

Jody Taylor RIP
Exclaim magazine has reported that Jody Taylor of the Vancouver hardcore bands STRAIN and KERSEY was killed in a tragic tree pruning accident on March 31. Check out the official word from his friend John Franco and pay some tribute by remembering the powerful metallic hardcore assault from STRAIN! A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to provide Jody’s daughter with some needed funds.

He inspired me to be the person and musician I am. He sang about his struggles in life, right from the heart every time. Blood sweat and tears. Jody was the real deal, a punker for life. It’s hard to imagine that burly tough handsome man gone from this earth. I am honoured to have been able to create music with him, in a band I looked up to so much when I was younger. He was one of my support beams in life. There when you needed him, no matter the distance or circumstance. Just knowing he was there was comforting and you really don’t know how powerful a person is in your life till they are gone.

Jody loved life. Lived it his way. I will miss our times floating on the lake listening to music soaking in the sun.

STRAIN released one outstanding LP called “Here And Now” in 1996 and various EPs, singles and compilations contributions.

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