DIY metal project DRAEPT uncovers 2 insanely venomous and blasphemous tracks
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DIY metal project DRAEPT uncovers 2 insanely venomous and blasphemous tracks

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DRAEPT, a recording/studio project by Micke Larsson, has just unveiled its new harsh, lo-fi blackened metal offering dubbed “II”, a poisonous pairing of two songs “Oculus” and “Athanatos”, which we’re evilishly happy to uncover for your poor ears. Play it and check out Micke’s first hand commentary, explaining more details about this project below.

I’ve recorded most parts of the songs at home with my guitars and the DAW on my computer. Both songs have been composed while recording them. So I have sort of started off with a riff on the guitar that I thought sounded nice/evil/hard/good/whatever and tried to find something that suited to go along with it as I was recording.

I tried to find inspiration from what I’d already recorded to sort of carry on in the same mood I felt that the song had. I’ve recorded all guitars first to a simple drumbeat or a metronome. After that I’ve programmed the drums to be more dispersed. After that I recorded the bass. I sent the songs as audio-files to Martin and asked him if he was willing to do the vocals. Which he was. Last of all we went into a proper recording studio and recorded the vocals. Martin worked in a similar way as I did when I composed and recorded the songs by writing the lyrics in the studio and trying out the best way of singing them.

Composed, arranged, recorded and produced by Micke Larsson. / Micke Larsson – Guitars, bass, keyboards and programing; Martin Abraham – Lyrics and vocals. Vocals recorded at Speedball Studios, Karlstad.

I have had a feeling of very free creativity throughout the whole process. I also used different tunings on the guitars and the bass to get special harmonies. On the song Athanatos I think I used three different tunings altogether, one for the bass, one for the baritone guitar and one for the other guitars. There is also keyboards on that track to make the industrial windy sound you can hear in the beginning and the end of it.

The picture on cover, that I’ve designed, is from a Japanese film. I haven’t seen the film but I liked the picture and I thought it suited the overall black metal approach that the music has.

DRAEPT is so far a recording and studio project so there are no gigs planned as for now. There are plans for yet another release in the near future though.

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