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Domenic Romeo Vs. Jon Mikl Thor interview

CVLT Nation Artist to Artist Interviews series presented  PULLING TEETH / A389 Recordings’ Domenic Romeo taking on Jon Mikl Thor.

After ‘Keep The Dogs Away’ you opted for a change in style and went metal. Did you always envision your music would go into that direction, or was it something you sorta fell into?

As a teen in the 60′s, I trained to Iron Butterfly and The Yardbirds…then I got into Zep and Sabbath. I played metal in my bands before it was called metal, THOR and the Imps were heavy metal band. The demo I gave the producers and RCA Records was heavier, but they decided to go with a more contemporary sound at the time. The riffs were still heavy. After Keep The Dogs Away, my music continued to get heavier. I toured quite hard from 1978 to 1982 writing and playing songs that were to be on ‘Ùnchained,’ which is a power metal album.

Read the whole thing here.

THOR live in 1984 :)

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