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Doom metal band HERDER cut short for playing too loud!

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At the first edition of metal fest “Krachtstroom” sludgy, stoner metallic doom band HERDER (interviewed for IDIOTEQ last year) was halfway at their set when the venue decided to stop the band from playing as they were “too loud” on stage. The band, known for their phrase ‘HERDER is HARDER!” plays an intense mix of sludge/doom metal and is known for taking their job VERY seriously. The audience needs to full on hear and feel the intensity of the band and therefor plays at maxiumum volume. Apparently the organizers and soundboard people of the festival couldn’t appreciate this and (seriously!!) asked the drummer to “not hit his drums so hard” (would someone EVER said that to the late John Bonham from Led Zeppelin?). The band not pleased with the decision of the venue understandable got upset but besides giving a few ‘fingers’ to the soundguys walked off stage and got immediately escorted out by 5 security guys to be told to “never ever set a foot again in the venue”.

HERDER latest album “Gods”has been given praise from the metal community world wide as being among the best ‘sludge/doom albums released. Taste it below.

Live pic by Martin Mayer.


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