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Garage punks CLOUDSURFERS release new single “Prices”; share other Dutch underground acts worth a check

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“Prices” marks the third single leading up to the release of CLOUDSURFERS’ debut album Don’t Know What Hit Me, which will be released on the 19th of March.

This third single shows yet another side to the band. A cheery yet compelling melody is brought to you in multiple different sections. Lyrically, the song is about not always ending up with what you expected. Nonetheless, this song will eventually bring you exactly that what you expect of Cloudsurfers: a heavy song with loads of energy.

Prices shows the dynamic capability of the band by going hard as always but also knowing when to slow it down. The song is a little more melodic, driven by a delightful chord progression. The songs fluctuates in pace and also remarkable is the blissful dopamine inducing guitar lead which keeps coming back.


CLOUDSURFERS is a dangerously tasty mix of sunny surf and loud punk rock. Manic guitarleads, twangy riffs and grungy vocals are being pushed forward bij a flaming rhythm section. CLOUDSURFERS blends the unpredictableness of Pulp Fiction, the sweat of Oh Sees and the garagepop of Together Pangea: that’s a pretty fucking good milkshake!

We asked the band for top inspirations of their new work, including artwork, the music, and some local bands worth a check. Here’s what the band had to say:

The artwork of our album was designed by Justin Ghijsen who played bass in this awesome punkband from Utrecht called Tusky, they released a really great record a few years back called Rated Gnar. And we’re really happy with the artwork made by Justin, he makes awesome stuff!

A while back we played a coronaproof show in the town Sneek. The audience was seated at tables which made it feel like we were playing to a high school class, now that’s rock ‘n roll! One of the bands there was Joey’s Midnight Club whose performance we really dug! So far they released two singles one of which is called Rollerskates and it’s really cool! Also their guitar player forgot to bring his amp that night so he had to use one of our amps hahaha.

Our bandlogo was designed by Jules Trum who sang in a band called Mexican Surf. They don’t play anymore but of course you can still listen their music on Spotify. Check out their song Stuck.

Our singer Thom’s best friend is Sam who is the frontman of the awesome band Magnetic Spacemen. Also, our debut album was mixed by their bass player Redmer! Recently they released the first single of their new album which will come out later this year.

The Netherlands actually has a lot of great guitar bands like The Homesick, Iguana Death Cult, Paracetamol and so many more. One of our favourite rock records ever from the Netherlands is Toot Whistle Plunk Boom! by The Deaf, it sounds really 60s.

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