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EMBRACE BY HATRED release new album!

“Time Waits” by Siegen metal/hardcore act EMBRACE BY HATRED will be out on April 18th via GSR MusicInjustice Records are putting out their first ever vinyl release called “Dehumanize”, supported by a full song stream, available below.

The label commented on the signing:

2015 Starts really well for GSR Music with signing Germay’s “EMBRACED BY HATRED”. Expect their new album “TIME WAITS” on April 18th. Pre-order for this beauty will be up early February; stay tuned for more detail.
Embraced by Hatred TIME WAITS holds fast paced nineties Metalcore with heavy beatdowns, divebombs, lots of double bass carpets and grotesque heavy hearted guitar licks and solos. Speaking music-wise EMBRACED BY HATRED has grown mature in the shadows of THE ICE, and developed an, for the EU HC scene, incomparable detailed sound. Same goes for the lyrics: Dealing with near death experiences, loss and struggles within a pre-apocalyptic technocracy they draw a dark picture of the present. As much as other contemporary bands such as Twitching Tongues, Powertrip or Turnstile they too merge their music with the sound of forgotten days. Welding 80s Crossover & 90s NYHC with Death Metal into a melting mixture in the vein of Merauder, Obituary, Stigmata, Drowning or Integrity.


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