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Emo band CUDDLE PARTY streaming new EP

California emo rockers from CUDDLE PARTY have unveiled a full stream of their new record “Assumption”, fleshing out some of the finest emo indie arrangements I’ve heard this year, mesmerizing with its raw sound and the sad pacing that reaches the heart with the natural feel of “You’re So Great” from BLUR. Watch their new music video for the song ’Sleeping In’ and listen to the full EP below.

“‘Assumption’ is about when you have to push back against somebodies expectations of you.” – the band’s lead singer Dwight Miller

“Modesto is a place that most people never leave even though there isn’t anything to do there. On Assumption, the members of Cuddle Party crafted a truly explosive collection of tracks that perfectly showcase the authentic songwriting talents of lead singer and guitarist Dwight Miller.

At just 17 years of age Dwight is no stranger to the limitations of Modesto’s music scene. He has taken that challenge, rolled up his sleeves, and got to work booking his own shows with touring bands like Pity Party (Berkley) and Higuera (Los Angeles). The songs on Assumption are deeply personal and relatable to every age. The Lo-Fi production on adds to the energy behind these sad songs.”


Are you broken? Soke in
Everything that you said
‘Cause your mouth says those things
That you think in your head
Are we messed up, ruined?
Should we not be dead?
I adore you more dear
Despite all things said
‘Cause you love me, don’t you?
You were never to fed
Up with all of
With all of your dread

That I’ll find a new girl
Think her great in my head
But let me tell you
That I’d rather be dead
And let me tell you
It gets so cold in my bed
Only you can warm me
When you lay your head on my chest

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