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Intrumental post rock act RED HANDS BLACK FEET streaming their latest masterpiece in full

Red Hands Black Feet
Boise, Idaho based instrumental moody post rock act RED HANDS BLACK FEET have unleashed the full stream of their late 2015 album “We Must Fall Forever if We Survive”, filming scores for imaginery visuals and serving one of the most engaging records in the recent history of cross-genre, sludgy, shoegazin’ ambient rock.

We Must Fall Forever if We Survive is an instrumental concept album following a fictionalized story of the first human spaceflight that attempts to explore loneliness, our place in the universe, and the imperfections of human communication through thick fuzz, heavy reverb, and way too much tremolo picking. It was recorded live in a single room at Boise’s Rabbitbrush Audio, where it was also mixed and mastered, by Z.V. House, in order to retain some of the grit that is often lost in more studio-polished post-rock albums. It was released digitally (there has yet to be a physical release) in November 2015.

Red Hands Black feet formed in the summer of 2009 in Boise, ID and have steadily earned a reputation within the Northwest music scene for their sweeping, unpredictable arrangements and engaging live shows. Their brand of instrumental rock combines post-rock’s dreamy contemplation with punk chaos and heavy metal intensity. Now, after one album, one (secret) live EP, a lineup change, and multiple West Coast tours, they have released their sophomore album, We Must Fall Forever if We Survive.

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