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Emotive dreamy rockers HEAVY SLEEPER premiere new song & video “Visitor”

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Boston based atmospheric shoegaze rockers HEAVY SLEEPER are the wistful, moody relatives of alt rock’s past and present. We mentioned them in our old #InShorts series 2 years ago, and today we’re thrilled to announce their comeback with an atmospheric, yet vital new single “Visitor“, available on all streaming platforms and presented through a brand new music video below!

Visitor is about all the dark places your mind is capable of going. I wrote it when I was in one of those places myself, knowing it would eventually let up and leave me feeling quite silly to have ever entertained thoughts of self-harm. It can be incredibly difficult to pull yourself out of that negative feedback loop, and not everyone makes it out alive.

To put it bluntly, this song is about killing yourself, becoming a ghost, and reflecting on your life and loved ones after the fact – realizing all the good things you had taken for granted.

The song was recorded in Boston with the help of some very talented friends. It was engineered by Hank Lehning and Jason Inguagiato, and was mixed and mastered by Jason Inguagiato. The artwork photo was taken by Kat Jabbari. The video was shot in the San Francisco Bay Area and filmed and co-directed by Jack Ludwick, Evan Sutton-Beattie, and Bryan Crouse.

Thank you to Hank Lehning, Jason Inguagiato, Matine Kazemi, Karina Kristensen, Ross Allen, Kitty Henry, and Sam Swaqqerson for being involved.


Only light, can’t let it die.
Let it slip through my hands, fucked up everything.
Make sure you don’t forget.
Only remembered for the years that slipped away.
Guess accolades fade quicker than your mistakes.
Could tell you how it feels to rise from the grave
When I visit you in your sleep.
Leapt from the edge, I’ll never see my friends again.
It meant less to me back then.

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We cut our teeth in Boston’s DIY scene, which is very healthy due to the large amount of colleges in the area. We would spend most weekends crammed in sweaty basements, and took that same ethic with us across the Northeast, Midwest, and into Canada on our most recent tour.

We recently made a Spotify playlist which features several artists that we have either played with or just vibe with, all of which currently need your support.

Listen here.

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