EXCLUSIVE: TIDES FROM NEBULA checks in from the road (interview)

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Polish instrumental post rock heroes TIDES FROM NEBULA are currently on their European tour. The band will be continuing their trek in Poland later this month and in December (go here to see the details). We have introduced these guys to you in January 2012 (check out our first interview with TIDES FROM NEBULA at this location) and now we’re proud to announce more news from the band in this fresh interview below. We discussed being on the road, their new song (streaming below), parting ways with Zbigniew Preisner and more.

Tides From Nebula 2

 Hey, guys! Good to have you again. It’s been almost 11 months since we last spoke. How rapidly has this year passed by already?

 Hello there! Everything is really great! Past year for us was really ok. We started to work on our new album, we released new single. Everything goes really well.

 Yeah, great stuff, congratulations on that [smiles], we’ll talk about it in a minute. What were the most important events for TIDES FROM NEBULA ad 2012?

There were couple of them. We played short tour with HEY. They are supreme people. We played with BLINDEAD on one stage which was our most important and most enjoyable moment this year. Working with those guys was really great, and we hope to repeat again this experience pretty soon.

Cool. So you’ve recently released a brand new track called “Hollow Lights”, the first composition since the premiere of your previous album “Earthshine”. It’s a part of a new release, right? Tell us about your next move when it comes to the official outings. What and when can we expect?

Yes, Hollow Lights is going to be on the new album as well, but we thought that we want to show what we are up to right now. We are planning to release new album next year. Right now we stopped doing the material (I’m writing back to this interview from Portugal), but when we get back in January we are planning to work really hard again on the new material.

Will the next album be a safe continuation and development, or another experiment? I know you are not planning a specific atmosphere for your releases, but if you had to guess… [smiles]

We always want to play something which makes us really happy at the moment. We hate to be bored. If I had to guess, I can say that the new album will be as different as Earthshine was different from Aura, but still totally different than the first two releases.

Great/ Will Zbigniew Preisner be producing your new effort, as well?

No. Both sides decided not to do the new album together.

May I ask you why?  Have the results not met both sides’ expectations?

Nope. Both sides want to do something else in the near future.

Tides From Nebula 3

Alright, let’s leave it. You’re currently on your massive European trek. How’s it been so far? How was Berlin? [smiles] Any cool stories from the road so far?

The whole tour goes really well. Right now we are in Porto, and its absolutely beautiful. Berlin and all the shows with COMA were great (is that why you smiled?) [smiles]. I must admit that we were afraid of those shows, but those guys turned out to be supreme people. They enjoyed the time abroad as well so everyone was happy. Cool stories are happening everyday, and it’s too much to tell.

[smiles] Yeah, but to make things clear, I don’t think they’re bad or something. I guess Berlin was quite an important stop for so many reasons.

By the way, what stops, venues or acts are you especially looking forward to?

Every each of the whole tour. We are going to visit some new places  like Rome or Lubljana. these are the places we can’t wait to go to. Playing in new venues is always the best, cuz you don’t know what to expect and that is the biggest adventure.

In punk scene, I’ve heard a lot of cool stories about the East being MUCH better that the West [smiles], the Western audience being more cheesed off, simply having too many gigs out there [laughs]. At the same time, for example, Polish bands receive ridiculous feedback in Belarus from 300 fans knowing their lyrics by heart and giving one hundred percent of themselves every-single-night. Have you observed such a polarization?

Of course.People in eastern countries always tell us that there are not many bands coming there. For example, in Berlin there are 4-5 shows every day! In the biggest cities in the east there are not so many right? It’s not that the people are cheesy in the west, its just the bigger markets in there.

Tides From Nebula 4

Are there any other new songs you will be playing on this tour, besides “Hollow Lights”? How’s the feedback on the new tunes been so far?

Feedback for the new tunes is really good. Playing this song live is a big fun. People are reacting really good for it. Maybe because its finally a song of ours which you can dance to? [smiles] I can’t tell you if we are going to play more new tunes – come for a show and see for yourself.

Oh come on, I’ll get to the right people anyway [smiles].

Maybe we will play more, but maybe. To be 100% sure you have to come and check it!

Ok, so you definitely will [smiles]. What’s different comparing to your previous European runs? Are you using some costumes or fireworks on stage? [laughs]

The biggest difference is that we are visit a lot of new places. No costumes and fireworks in plans but if we had a opportunity we would do it for sure!

What I love about you guys is that you really seem to understand that without heavy touring there is literally no chance to get people to know you and become bigger and bigger. What’s your opinion on that? I guess you’re not giving up and the next year will bring another string of dates, right?

Well, playing tours is really important, but still playing a big support tour would be a great way to promote yourself much faster than now. Anyways, hard work always come back and we believe that heavy touring will bring more and more with every year, so we planning to play at least twice more next year. We will see what happens.

Tides From Nebula 5

Ok, this is a tough one, I hope you won’t get it wrong. A rumor says that you became real rock stars [laughs]. Some time ago you would give up everything to support a cool post rock band, but nowadays you’re interested in playing way too many headlining shows and it’s kind of hard to get to you. Why would people say such things? Or did you really change your perspective so much and decided to play like a big fish now?

[laughs] I never knew that someone will take us as rock stars. Strange! Anyways , Poland is a small place and supporting on and on all the post rock acts coming from abroad would be totally pointless, why? Imagine how people would be tired of us after one year. We never thought of us as a big fishes, and stars and we will never do it. Rumors are starting up when you gaining more and more attention, we are having some our own listeners on shows, and there are more showing up every year, so it’s like a rule. More people equals more attention, more attention equals more rumors. More rumors equals more hate. Every band who gained some attention will tell you this. And no, getting to us is really easy. There is an email to us on website and all of us have access to it. There is even a phone number. You can always write, or call and ask about anything.

Fair enough [smiles] . Aren’t you tempted to start some side-projects to fill the space between TIDES FROM NEBULA and your non-musical activities? [smiles]

Maciek and Thomas have a band called SANDS OF SEDNA, and they are working on their debut album. It’s going to be a really nice piece of music. Przemek is not doing anything right now besides TIDES FROM NEBULA, as do I. We prefer to be involved in one band and give 100% to it.

Oh, so you don’t like the idea of SANDS OF SEDNA? [laughs].

It’s not like that. Me and Przemek are just different. If boys are happy with what they do with SANDS OF SEDNA, it makes me happy too and I can’t wait for their debut.

Would you break up or change your name if one of you parts ways with the band?

I don’t know. We never talked about that. It’s so irrational that we never took this as a possibility.

What’s the main goal for you as a band? Is there a certain state or a target you’re heading with this project?

We just want to have a great fun. All of which happens with TFN is just a side product. We never planned anything. Thanks for everything. Take care!

Tides From Nebula 1

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